More than 30 years ago, by 1981, K40 began manufacturing their radar detectors, and since then has been giving a Speeding Ticket guarantee, which proves the trust K40 has in the quality and reliability of its radar & laser detectors and Laser Defuser (a scrambler which blocks the Laser shots by jamming them back). K40 either in its portable or in-dash versions, are the best choices in the market. For customer’s protection, K40 can only be purchased through the network of authorized dealers, who are trained to give aftermarket assistance. Made in USA.


This is the portable version of K40, normally installed by means of its mounting bracket and suction cups, on the top part of the front windshield. Whereas it comes with a stretching coiled wire and a plug to be connected to the accessories or cigarette lighter, we can also hard wire up the top of the windshield, to avoid the hanging wire. Some of the more relevant characteristics are:

·        GPS technology, which permits to mark-unmark as worthy an specific location, for example, radio frequency from a bank.

·        At choice, make the radar silent and not bother below chosen speeds, like when driving in a highway at speeds below the limit.

·        Customizable up to 12 personal driving preferences, like highway-city driving, audio voice alerts, compass heading or brightness of display.

·        Speed Monitor, a programmable feature which gives an audible and visual alert when a selected speed has been exceeded. Can be overridden anytime to Quite Ride mode.

·        Alert dismiss option to a specific non-police radar band existing in the zone normally drove. 

·        Mute option, which permits either 15 sec. or 2 min. mute, if passing by a interfering frequency.

·        Speeding ticket warranty (except in school or construction zones).

One year product guarantee.


Portable radar and laser detector.


These are the most advanced anti-laser jammers; they will detect, block and also simultaneously notify about the event. Will complement the K40 radar & laser detectors and can also be added to other makes, working as a stand-alone laser jammer. Their main characteristics are:

·         Once the laser shot is detected, an infrared light is sent back at a pulse rate that cannot be understood by the police gun system.

·         Detects and opportunely warns at the dash with visual and audible signals, about a targeting police laser gun nearby.

·        Can be integrated to any K40 radar and laser detector, so only one display be needed.

·        The Defuser is designed to be installed as a new frame of the license plate, which is the target used by the police; however, its modular design permits to be mounted also by the grille.

·         Every time the vehicle is started up, the Defuser runs a self test, which gives peace of mind to the user, knowing that the jammer is working properly.

Laser scrambler on license plate frame. Laser jammer inside the grille.


This in-dash version of K40 gives the maximum protection and efficiency, covering 360 degrees, against all radar bands and laser guns used by police. In addition to all characteristics of RL100, the most particular relevant features are:

·        All together features of the portable RL100 and Defuser EX series.

·         Blocks the newest highly directional pulse laser lights.

·         Alert about signals coming from any angle.

·        Alert with “Geiger” sound that increments as nearer to radar, and with rapid audio signals when it is a pulse laser gun.

·        The alerts can be given by tone or voice (male or female), informing the direction of the threat and the frequency band.

·        Hand held remote controlled, for dash or visor clip.

·         Blue tooth technology.

·        Includes one detector for each license plate and one jammer for front plate.

·         Also available a jammer for the rear license plate.


In dash 360 radar detector and jammer.
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